In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast, I talk with Charles Seaman about the Real Cost of Getting Started in Multifamily.

He resides in Charlotte, NC and serves as a Managing Partner of Cash Flow Champs. He’s responsible for building and maintaining broker relationships and performing and overseeing the company’s underwriting activities. He’s also involved with contract negotiation and capital raising to make sure that the deals close, remaining involved after closing to manage the assets so that they perform in a manner that provides investors with exceptional returns. He’s currently a general partner in eight (8) multifamily properties totaling 691 units, having went full cycle on one (1) 92-unit multifamily property.

He has 14 years of prior experience working for a commercial real estate investor in NYC. During this time, he assisted the investor with acquiring deals, obtaining financing for them, and managing and leasing them after the deals were closed. While there, he also assisted the investor with the management of numerous other businesses that he owned, including a plumbing company and several bars and restaurants. During his spare time, he also actively traded stocks from 2009 to 2014.

Name: Charles Seaman
Phone: (347) 306-3278
Facebook Group:


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