In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast, Elijah Checks. Elijah Cheeks owner of 7figurefun, is an entrepreneur born in Massachusetts with a passion for helping business owners thrive using business credit.

Elijah’s career as an entrepreneur was developed in college after an internship with Fortune 500 company PriceWaterhouseCoopers. It was then when he made the decision to work in the private sector helping average business owners.

While being a full time student at Florida A&M University, Elijah not only obtained his mortgage brokers license, he also bought his first property to begin his real estate investing journey at the humble age of 20.

Since then he has invested in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, bought and sold companies he sourced financing for, and helped hundred of business owners eliminated the white noise about building business credit and getting funded. Entrepreneurs all over the USA work with his companies to scale their businesses using business credit while protecting their assets and personal credit.

Elijah is dedicated to helping business owners have fun scaling their businesses over 7 figures by helping them build their business credit and obtain unsecured capital.


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