In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast, I interview Real Estate Broker and Syndicator, Kevin S. Breckenridge.

Kevin S. Breckenridge is a commercial multifamily real estate broker and investor based out of the Washington, D.C. area. With over 11 years of real estate industry experience, Kevin has a wide variety of experience and a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the real estate sector.

As a residential broker, he helped numerous clients repeatedly achieve six figure investment returns. An accomplished investor as well, Kevin has demonstrated the ability to do the same while enduring through the most difficult of investment deals and even more difficult investment partnerships.

Now fully focused on multifamily real estate investing, Kevin brings a unique perspective to his advisory and syndication practices. He truly understands the business from both sides of the fence, both as an advisor and as an investor.

Kevin is the Founder of The Multifamily Investors Collective, a global online community of multifamily real estate investors and enthusiasts. He regularly speaks about real estate and real estate investing to help raise financial awareness. He also teaches, coaches and mentors other real estate investors and practitioners while continuing to be a student of the game himself.

To learn more about Kevin, you can visit his website at You can also find him on all major social media channels by following @legacieinmotion.



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