In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast…. Nic Espanet has been passively investing in multifamily assets since 2016 and has been a multifamily Syndicator & Asset Manager since 2018. Nic has worked as a licensed Physical Therapist since 1996 and has run his own private practice since 2012. His experience as a small business owner combined with his detail-oriented personality has equipped the strong growth of Thrive Multifamily, a Texas-based multifamily syndication company. Nic is currently an Asset Manager in 3 multifamily syndications totaling 452 units and is a Passive Investor in an additional 1780 units at 7 properties.



Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast (SMIP) is the journey of Red Boot LLC in building a team to strategically acquire, manage and sell exclusive real estate to increase it’s client’s personal wealth with competitive returns. With the focus on casual interviews and educational lessons, Jonathan Mickles seeks to help the listener build confidence that they can do the same thing.

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