In this episode of the Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast…. Dylan Marma is a principal of The Requity Group, a real estate investment company focused around the acquisition and operation of mobile home parks, and multifamily real estate. He has been a principal on over $50M in real estate transactions over the last 4 years. Dylan is co-founder of a software platform EquityTree, focused around helping real estate investors raise capital and improve investor reporting. He has been featured on dozens of podcasts and has spent hundreds of hours doing real estate consulting for professionals in the space.

Ekaterina Stepanova was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and has immigrated to United States 13 years ago and has lived in New York since. Today she is a partner at M2K Partners who owns several mobile home park communities throughout the country. Ekaterina is a co-founder of Equity Tree, software platform dedicated to helping commercial real estate investors manage their deals and Investor relations for an affordable price and with educational support throughout the entire investment process. She is also a host of a virtual meet up for Mobile Home Park investors called MHP Tribe.

Strategic Multifamily Investing Podcast (SMIP) is the journey of Red Boot LLC in building a team to strategically acquire, manage and sell exclusive real estate to increase it’s client’s personal wealth with competitive returns. With the focus on casual interviews and educational lessons, Jonathan Mickles seeks to help the listener build confidence that they can do the same thing.

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